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Trying the Trend: Dark Lips

Dark lips are not something I normally do. Being close to the color of a white sheet it's not extremely flattering on me. However, after watching the shows of the FW16 season, it seemed clear that bold dark lips were a trend. And really, isn't a makeup trend the easiest to try? If you don't like it wipe it off. So I put down my nude lipstick and opted for a much darker shade. The first person I saw said, "Why are you wearng lipstick?" It was a fair question since I was home and had no other makeup on. It wasn't a "Wow, that looks great!" but it did show me that a dak lip will get noticed. One thing to keep in mind if you wantt o try this too. You know how dark clothes are slimming? Well the same is true for lipstick. A darker shade will make your lips appear less full. So...will I keep this shade in my repertoire? Probably, but I'll just go dark once in a while. It's like the Taco Bell of lipstick. It can be so good, but not really what you should be eating.

Dark lips at Marc Jacobs and Dior:

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