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3 Questions with Coco Rocha

Eila Mell: How did you get your start as a model?

Coco Rocha: I was first spotted by an agent in Vancouver at an Irish Dance competition. At first when he approached me about being a model I thought he was joking; I was the keast fashion savvy of my friends. He persisted and asked another couple times and finally my mother let me gie it a try.

EM: You've spoken out about models' weight issues. Do you think there's been an improvement?

CR: It certainly seems that way. I also see much more diversity as far as the age range of the models and their wthnic background. It's good news because it means we all have a place in fashion, not just one prticular "type."

EM: What would people be surprised to know about New York Fashion Week?

CR: That in general, models don't get paid. Everyone thinks we make a ton of money over Fashion Week, but in reality most make nothing at all. Occasionally we will get clothes out of the deal, but mostly models do it as favors to the designers and also to get their image out there.

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